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Taizhou Dongqin Orange Cooperative is a private company, self - organized by orange growing farmers, which has won reputation over domestic market by its gorgeous products and superb service , contributing to various fruit wholesale markets national wide such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Jiaxing, Qingdao, Jining, Zibo, etc.

Cooperative main products :early orangegreen orange,late orange,huangyan orange,seedless orange...

Now the cooperative has over one hundred individual members united with an orange tree planting field of 120 acres. It was founded to gather individuals as a more competitive and industrial organization with high market value. Through input of public capital, we introduced new technology, set up facilities and prepared necessary materials, which promoted a better variety, production and quality, as well as superb service, to enhance the product competitiveness in market.

The cooperative has rent a 1000 square meters facility for waxing and packing, also for acquisition and wholesales, providing a one-stop service. More importantly, it leads a revolution of orange production which creates a typical, adequate and systematic orange service mode that is initialed for villagers and increases their yearly sales by 10 percents or more. Sooner or later, "Dongqin" orange is believed to be an international name brand. The Cooperative—Farmer—Base mode is a management of taking people as the foremost and every part taking care of its own duty. Cooperation, responsibility and support are the properties of this big family.

Welcome to Dongqin !
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