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Huangyan mandarin orange Quality characteristic

Huangyan mandarin orange Quality characteristic Huangyan mandarin orange,it's Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan's Specialty. Huangyan as "China Mandarin Orange town",Quality citrus production base of Agricultural Department,it's plant long history, a lot of varieties.The production of Citrus acid sweet, strong flavor,Special fresh sweet, good quality,Famous brand products,winning famous brand products, quality products Award,For the first batch of pollution-free agricultural products certification,national origin product protection.

Huangyan mandarin orange quality characteristic

It's peel is thin, the average thickness of 0.11 cm, the color is orange luster, oil cell is small and dense,Orange capsule 8-12 tablets,Capsule thin, soft and juicy. The fruit juice containing citric acid, vitamins, amino acids and sugar, phosphorus, iron, calcium, orange peel is good for the stomach, Orange flesh and blood circulation.Compared with other mandarin orange classes,Huangyan mandarin orange has a unique fragrance, smelled of refreshing, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.Eat sweet and refreshing, moist lips and teeth. Can be called mandarin orange champion, orange treasures.

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Huangyan mandarin orange
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