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Mandarin oranges gorw up different periods

March and April each year, it's the mandarin orange flowers blooming season. At this time, the farmers will go to the field to screen mandarin orange flowers, in the field is full of the beginning flowers,the air is thick with the perfume , heavy with it, clogged with it, attracted numerous visitors to enjoy.

July and August, mandarins have grown into shape, after sunshine, slowly absorb the nutrients of the soil,
just like table tennis size of orange has grown up.

September, mandarin oranges will have to be sold, at this time mandrins begin to yellow, the pest is the main daily work, to prevent sweet oranges out of the Red Spider Invasion.

October, mandarin oranges officially listed, ripe oranges like a small lantern lamp hung on the branches,
the joy of harvest makes everyone filled with smile face.

Mandarin oranges sales time, From September until next year February, everyone can enjoy the delicious fresh oranges.

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