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Pay attention to tangerines transport

Management of transit

The management of transportation is the most important part of the success of transportation. On the way to transport the environment according to all kinds of tangerines (Temperature, humidity, etc.) require to manage,In order to reduce the loss of tangerines in transportation. When the temperature exceeds the optimum temperature, can open the ventilation box cover of the heat preservation car, or open the door half,to cool down. When the outdoor temperature drops below 0℃, while blocking the outlet, conditional can also be heated.

Pay attention to the export of tangerines

If the tangerines is export shipped, it needs to be used in cold ship, choose the nearest port of shipment,to minimize the unnecessary procedures and time, temperature maintained at constant temperature, if boat ride long, shipping has the best selection of clippers, general time not more than 15 days in transit, and before the tangerines orange packaging, it is also the best preservative, so can make the tangerines can be the most fresh condition to reach the destination.

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tangerines transport
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