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Delicious mandarin orange peel

Orange peel porridge:
When cook the rice porridge, befor porridge boiling, add a few pieces of clean mandarin orange peel,After porridge cooked,not only delicious fragrance but also appetizers, the thoracic and abdominal distention or cough phlegm, can play the role of diet therapy.

Mandarin orange soup:
When cook the broth or soup, add a few pieces of clean mandarin orange peel, not only the soup taste delicious, but also has a light orange flavor, will make people eat no greasy feeling,

Mandarin orange peel tea:
Clean the orange peel, cut into silk, Ding or block, can be used alone with boiling water, can also drink with tea, not only taste fragrance, but also the effect of the appetite, the ventilation and the refreshing.

Mandarin orange wine:
Put the cleen dry orange peel in the amount of liquor in the liquor, after about 20 days you can drink. Mandarin orange wine can clean lung and reduce phlegm. If the soaking time is slightly longer, better.

Mandarin orange dish:
Eat oranges, collect fresh orange peel,clean it, soak in water for 2 days, then cut into filaments, With sugar for 20 days, became very tasty snacks. Not only tastes sweet and refreshing, but also the role of hangover.

Mandarin orange peel Ding:
Clean the fresh orange peel, remove the stalks and the bad parts, wash with clean water, drain with a knife cut into small cubes, then put in sugar or honey and marinate for 20 days, to do sugar packets, dumplings and sweet food fillings, eat up fresh and sweet.

Spiced mandarin orange peel:
Clean the orange peel in water bubble a day and night, remove stalks, head and rotten, squeezed placed in boiling water pot boil for 30 - 40 minutes, then squeeze to drain water, then cut into 1 cm square small, according to the proportion of 20 grams of salt 500 grams wet peel and again in the pot boil for 30 minutes, remove and, while wet spread a layer of licorice powder, each 500 grams licorice powder 15 grams, dried in the sun is sweet, smell, sour, salty and slightly bitter taste of spiced dried tangerine peel. Long taste, and medication effect.

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