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Mandarin orange peel as medicinal

Prevent motion sickness
1 hours before getting on the car, with fresh orange peel, fold in a double layer, align the nose, squeeze the orange peel with the fingers, the skin will be sprayed out of countless small orange oil mist and was sucked into the nostrils. Keep doing that after getting car, can effectively prevent motion sickness.

Mandarin orange peel for frostbite
The fire burnt orange peel, grinding into powder, use vegetable oil evenly, wipe the affected area.
Orange peel 5 to 15 grams, bubble water as tea drink, commonly used.

Mandarin orange peel for cough
With dried orange peel 5 grams, add 2 cups of water, fried soup, put a small amount of ginger, brown sugar taking advantage of heat, preferable fresh orange peel amount, chopped with boiling water, add sugar and tea drink, have the effect of eliminating phlegm and stopping cough.

Mandarin orange peel for constipation
Fresh mandarin orange peel 12 grams or 6 grams of dried mandarin peel, taking decoction, can cure constipation.

Mandarin orange peel hangover
With fresh orange peel 30 grams, a little salt Decoction beverage service, the effect is quite good.

Mandarin orange peel for sleeping molars
Before going to sleep 10 minutes, mouth with a piece of orange peel, then fall asleep, it is best not to be spit out of orange peel, if feeling unwell and spit out.

Mandarin orange peel to prevent tooth "acid"
Eat sour mandarins for elderly or tooth hypersensitivity are not good. In fact, as long as eating after the sour mandarins, with the rest fresh mandarins peel bubble boiling water to drink, can prevent tooth "acid".

Mandarin orange peel for mastitis
Fresh mandarin orange peel 30 grams, licorice 6 grams, fried soup to drink, can cure mastitis.

Mandarin orange peel for bad breath
A small piece of orange peel in the mouth, or chewing, can cure bad breath.

Mandarin orange peel can solve the poison fish and crab
With the amount of Orange Peel fried soup to drink, can alleviate the fish, crab eating after poisoning.

For stomach and vomiting
Mandarin orange peel and ginger water decoction, drink soup, can cure stomach, vomiting.

Mandarin orange peel for indigestion
50 grams of orange peel soaked in wine. This wine has the effect of warming stomach, Nausea and vomiting, for eat too much fat, especially effective.

Mandarin orange peel for Cold
Fresh mandarin orange peel, ginger, add brown sugar fried water to drink, can treat cold, cough, vomiting.

For refreshing starter
The orange peel cut into silk, dried, and tea on the store together, when drinking, with boiled water, its taste delicious fragrance, appetizer, ventilation, refreshing effect.

For Pancreatitis
With mandarin orange peel 30 grams, 10 grams of Licorice Decoction and water fried together, drink it as tea. Help treat acute pancreatitis.

For lowering blood pressure
Mandarin orange peel dried shred for pillow, a gas, blood pressure effect, it is suitable for patients with hypertension.

For the foot problem
Between the toes is sewage mixed stains and easy to itching, if scratched, broken skin water, unpleasant odor, now available fresh orange peel fierce wipe itch, antipruritic effect is very good.

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