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Huangyan Zhejiang China, nearly 20000 acres of mandarins to achieve high grafting

Mandarins is one of the agricultural mainstay industry in Huangyan Zhejiang, area of 89000 acres. Due to the variety structure, Manjv and Wenzhou mandarin orange Manchester high proportion, mandarins unmarketable phenomenon. From 1998, Huangyan government introduced a series of preferential policies,Encourage the township replaced them into "bendizao" high quality varieties. The township has also introduced measures to encourage farmers to speed up structural adjustment of citrus varieties.

So far, Huangyan has nearly 20000 acres of manjv and wenzhou mandarin orange been replaced into "Bendizao". "Bendizao mandarins" won the 1999 "International Agricultural famous brand" title, Was named as Zhejiang province famous brand products by the provincial people's government.

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huangyan mandarin orange
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