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Influence of Huangyan tangerine culture

1.The main force of agricultural income in Huangyan.

In 1987, Huangyan tangerin orange planting area of 13 acres, annual output value of 99.47 million yuan (current price),Total output value of agriculture (planting) 38%. Tangerines' annual output of 805.64 million tons, more than 180 kinds of varieties.

2.Formed in tangerine as the carrier of the culture and customs.

With the expansion of the Huangyan tangerins planting bring it development much, has for the local people's production and living customs produce profoundly affected. Due to the "orange" and "Ji" in sound, so people in Huangyan, tangerines are regarded as auspicious objects, building on the beam, baby full moon, civil flower, are useful tangerine customs. Huangyan people Peel an tangerine is half open, and in other areas, often to the skin of an orange peel. This will make juice flow hands are full.

3.Cultural signs in Huangyan.

In order to teem with "Huangyan tangerin" at home and abroad, in 1996 was named "Chinese tangerine hometown ". The territory of Huangyan, new building enterprises, newspapers and other departments have different forms to create their own brand as a symbol of tangerine.

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Huangyan tangerine
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