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Tangerines can cook variety of Food, you know?

Tangerines can cook variety of Food, you know?
Here introduce Cooking caramelized tangerines

Ingredients: Tangerines 300g
Accessories: Flour 60g, two eggs, sesame 10g, starch 25g
Seasoning: Tang Guihua 1.5g, sugar 150g, lard (suet)1000g

1. peel the orange skin, separate the valve, and take the white flour.
2. Beat the eggs, add white flour, wet starch and 25g water, stir into the egg
3. Fried sesame, The orange one by one hanging paste, put it into 60 percent heat (about 132 degrees) of cooked lard, to remove crusts.
4. Take the wok on the fire, put ino 10g lard, add sugar and boil, see syrup sticky silk, then put tangerines in, stir a few, then sprinkle sesame and sugar sweet scented osmanthus, take a cool, boiling water bowl immediately on the mat

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Tangerines food
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