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How Light influence the growth of tangerines

Different kinds and varieties tangerines, there are also differences in resistance. For example, Wenzhou tangerines compare to sweet oranges are less negative resistance. In addition, tangerine fruit trees in different growth stages of light with different requirements.

For example, in the weak stage of growth young tangerine leaves, flower bud formation, new shoot maturation and so on, when the temperature is about 12℃, light intensity can be reduced to 50%~60%, but in the new shoot and fruit growth period, when the average temperature is 15℃~16℃, light intensity can not be less than 70% of sunny days. In the later stage of fruit ripening, enough illumination was beneficial to the fruit coloring, increase the sugar content of the fruit.

Illumination light or too strong, it will bring negative influence to tangerine fruit. Without much light tangerine orchard. it will make the tangerine leaves flat, thin, big, germination rate, shoot rate decreased, even make the branch and leaves dead. Flowering and fruit period of light deficiency will lead to reduced synthesis of organic matter in the tree, appeared that leaves turn green slowly, and fruit for nutrition and aggravate the physiological drop. The light intensity in winter is less than 4%, And the temperature fluctuation is large, will affect the accumulation of photosynthesis and tree organic matter, lead to fruit drop and reduce output. Insufficient light will make the fruit setting rate, the fruit becomes small, the color changes, and the acid sugar is low.

Summer light is too strong, with high temperature, will have the fruit of the sun burn, especially the Wenzhou tangerines, the second is orange and so on.

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