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what is different between Huangyan mandarin orange to commons?

Huangyan mandarin orange is well kown in China.

Mandarin Orange eat more will be lit this is known by everybody, then Huangyan mandarin oranges and common what is different? First of all, eating more will be lit is the same, but the nutritional value is very high, can be described as very rich.

Huangyan mandarin orange remained ahead in output in hundreds of species of fruit. Have more than 1700 years history, mandarin orange in sufficient water, this is also the reason that it welcomed by consumers. There are medical records, one hundred grams of orange has a trace of protein, fat, inorganic salt, and some of human body is good for vitamins, etc... In addition, it also contains magnesium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and silicon and other elements.

Huangyan mandarin orange food value is also very rich, it can be eaten directly, can also be processed into a variety of canned or juice. Mandarin orange whole body is treasure, its pulp, skin, nuclear, leaves,all can be used as medicine. Dried mandarin orange peel is called "chen pi", can be used for medicine, it can also make tea. There are a lot of white mesh items on the orange, when people eat mandarin orange deliberately use hand tear off it, actually eat better, because it contains a certain amount of vitamin P, very useful to the human body.

Huangyan mandarin orange in addition to direct consumption, it also has many other use. For example, mandarin orange peel can be used to deodorant, can also be used for cosmetology and so on, as long as the good use, it is all the treasure.

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