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Let's know more about huangyan mandarin orange

This year is a harvest year, farmers are busy for weighing, shipment, Wholesalers are all over the world to here purchases, China Huangyan mandarin orange is hot buying.

Huangyan mandarin orange is one of the most popular citrus varieties on the market, it has a long history of the brand, Huangyan district is chinese largest and earliest citrus base, here is a wealth of scientific research to support the cultivation, picking, and a series of processes. Good weather conditions, let Huangyan mandarin orange juicier, sweeter than general mandarins, Unique soil structure, also to provide a large nutrient to mandarins. So Huangyan mandarin orange has been the flavor of the market, we all want to buy the best Huangyan mandarin orange, but there are some businesses for personal profit, use other varieties to instead huangyan mandarin orange, We must keep our eyes open, don't be fooled by them.

On the early years of Huangyan mandarin orange transport is a trouble of farmers, due to the remote mountainous area, when the mandarin orange is ripe, trucks can not directly into the mountains to ship, also need to hire workers from the mountains to the mandarin orange back down, this will delay a lot of time, it also will greatly increase the cost, but this years, the problem is solved, farmers don't have to work so hard.

Excellent brand building, not only need a good climate, but also need a lot of external economic support, Huangyan orange is a very good example, Hope more fruit can draw on the advantages of Huangyan mandarin orange, together with the development of fruit industry.

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