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Chinese early Mandarin orange export busy

During the mandarin orange's season, farmers began to busy from morning to night, rush baskets of orange packing to sell a good price. Since mid September Lipu Sanmen town early mandarin orange marked in China, Cooperative staff to keep in front of the steelyard every day, for each book of farmers sell mandarin orange's weight, measure the weight more than 20 days, trading volume has reached millions of kg.

Day trading volume of about 2500 kg. Organization of farmers in orange shipped out well, then contact the owner to come to the loading, it can't delay any more.

Cooperative staff introduced, early mandarin orange contain different types, have especially early, normal early, and other varieties.

"The morning of loading the car, ready to start at noon, as long as the mandarin orange packaging shipped out", The fruIt' sellers going around so busy as farmers, they try to open up the market for mandarins. In recent years, the mandarin orange of Sanmen town gradually became famous, Outside market gradually hot, the sweet mandarins won good reputation. Put the farmers gathered, mandarinorange shipped out, long past and foreign merchants established a stable cooperative relationship with each other, this trust and dependence makes Sanmen town mandarin orange famous farther.

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