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Seedless mandarine orange has the following characteristics

Product features

Citrus has nourishing the stomach, phlegm dampness, relieve a cough, take away the pain, Promote appetite, off the alcohol and Anti malaria, and other effects.Eat mandarin oranges ,not only the body of vitamins and inorganic salts,but also promote the growth and development of body fitness benefits. It is excessive drinking medicine,and have cut malaria effect.

Nutritive value

Mandarine oranges are rich in vitamin C and citric acid ,dietary fiber -- pectin,it can promote defecation,also can lower cholesterol.Mandarin orange peel can strengthen capillary toughness, Lowering blood pressure, expansion of coronary heart.

Orange body is a treasure,it sweet and juicy, moderate hardness, easy peeling fresh, And the effect of cough, people of all ages and both sexes like it,the leader in the fruit field.
Seedless mandarine orange peel is thin and tender, water enough,it tastes very sweet.

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mandarin orange
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