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Tangerine harvest technology brief introduction

1 pre production preparation
Before mining to do all the preparatory work, including the forecast of production, the collection of tools and the arrangement of the harvest, in order to ensure the orderly conduct, to ensure the quality, without damage to the fruit.

2 In strict accordance with the rules of harvest tangerines orange
Is a citrus tree picking rules should be outside first, after the first, with round fruit picking scissors, cut by the complex. The specific shear method is the first cut of the stalk at about 1cm, second shear (complex shear) neatly cut stems, it should be two cut. Complex shear cutting edge, smooth, will not have the fruit stem is too short, injury to sepals, or stem too long to stab other fruits.

3. Division of labor, improve the efficiency of fruit picking, quality.
According to the physical and picking skills, a group of 3 to 5 people each, reasonable division of labor, cooperation in order to improve the fruit quality and effect.

4.Packing, loading capacity
Whatever fruit packing or box loading, the load should be moderate, generally 80% or 90% full is good, keep light. On the way, we should try to avoid a new injury to the fruits.

5 Fine weather harvest
Tangerines should harvest in sunny days,rain or fruit dew wet did not harvest.

6.Picking tangerines note
1)Picking people can not drink, so as to avoid the effect of ethanol on the fruit which is not suitable for storage and transportation.
2)Picking people nail scissors level, it is best to wear gloves, so as not to stab the fruit
3)When the rain, fog weather, trees are not water wet all not picking, wind blowing hard also can't.
4)Complex shear when picking, No strong pull hard mining and pull off the base. Because do this fruit is easy to rot. Gently, is strictly prohibited to throw fruit
5)Storage of fruit should be the primary in the orchard, the fruit is not allowed to open up the night.

7. Postprocessing mining
Non pollution tangerines postprocessing mining, to prevent further pollution. Contain: grading, packing,transportation and sales, not immediately sold the fruits should storage.

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