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Can Children get angry if they eat more tangerines?

Some children eat too many tangerines will appear in the Chinese medicine said, "lit" performance, such as glossitis, periodontitis, sore throat. So we don't think children should eat more oranges. If eat too much, 1-2 weeks should stop eating.

Chinese medicine, tangerines has well effected to lungs, cough, phlegm, spleen, Qi, thirst, are men and women,old and young (especially the elderly, acute and chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular disease) food superiorfruit. Orange can be described as a whole body is treasure: not only the high medicinal value of the flesh, but also its skin, nuclear, collateral, leaves are all "Real Medicinal materials".

Tangerines are rich in sugars (glucose, fructose, sucrose), vitamins, malic acid, citric acid, protein, fat, dietary fiber and a variety of minerals, etc. A new study by the Australian Institute of scientific and industrial research, eating one orange every day can make people avoid certain cancers(Such as oral cancer, laryngeal cancer and gastric cancer).

Although so many benefits of tangerines, but shouldn't eat more often. Chinese medicine believes that the tangerines temperature, eat more easily get angry, will appear, mouth sores, mouth parched and tongue scorched dry throat pain, constipation and other symptoms. Because of certain organic acids in the tangerines flesh, in order to avoid the stimulation of gastric mucosa caused by discomfort, it was inadvisable to eat tangerines empty stomach.

In addition, tangerines also contains a lot of carotene, if you eat too much one time or too much in the near period, the high concentration of carotenoids in the blood will cause the skin to yellow. At this time in addition to drinking more water, do not eat tangerine, also should be restricted to food intake of carotene content, After about 1 months later, skin color will return to normal.

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