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Tangerines bath to eliminate fatigue

Often hear people say that the cold season, or often in air-conditioned room, will cause skin dry and other problems, that's why?

Because of the cold, dry winds, will make the skin lose a lot of water, heating will make the skin more dry. This will lead to the skin becomes rough, without tension and elasticity, such as itching, produce all sorts of problems.

To prevent the skin dry, promote blood circulation, so that the simplest and most effective way to make the new metabolism, is to eat more tangerines, if you can, can be soaked in tangerines bath.

Tangerine fruits contain rich vitamin C, not only can prevent colds, but also has to prevent the spots, freckles, urticaria and other skin diseases.

Tangerine bath can not only beautify the skin, but also can make warm the body, eliminate fatigue effects, and has a fairly good effect of early cold and neuralgia, Cold disease, and so on.

Tangerine peel also contains a skin beauty effect of pine oil, citral and essential oils.If the skin placed in the bath, let the fragrance of essential oils at the same time, soluble in water, in this way, when you are in a bubble bath, by the peel of the ingredients, will take advantage of the skin pores open to penetrate into the skin, and stimulate the skin of the capillary, promote blood circulation.

In addition, essential oil composition of the skin surface to form a thin film to prevent evaporation of water,So not only can make the warm (heat preservation) and moisture (moisture) effect to achieve a long time, and at the same time can prevent hypothermia after bathing effect.
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