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Effect of precipitation and humidity for tangerine trees

Tangerine trees, like warm and humid. Suitable for the precipitation and humidity in favor of tangerine fruit tree growth, development and yield, improve the quality. Is generally believed that the tangerines tree growth results in the annual rainfall of 1000 mm (It is also considered that 1000 ~ 1500 mm, air relative humidity of 75%, soil humidity of 60% ~ 80% is appropriate). In our country and abroad, most of the tangerines areas, basically can meet the above requirements. Even if the annual rainfall reached more than 1000 mm, but due to seasonal uneven distribution, still need irrigation. Water source, the amount of rainfall less than 1000 mm, and even only a few hundred millimeters, still can be planted, the soil humidity can be adjusted by means of artificial irrigation, flood irrigation dry (wet) row.

The relative humidity of air For a species, varieties of orange huge impact, such as orange, especially the Washington navel orange, flowering and fruit period of air relative humidity reaches 85%, the drop is serious, even a "tree is full of flowers, and fruit a miserable scene". Air humidity is low, can be used in the orchard irrigation (irrigation) is the best solution, but it is not easy to reduce the relative humidity of the air.

Some people have researched think that, tangerine fruit per 1 grams of dry matter production to 292 ml of water transpiration, every 667 square meters (1 acres, below) produced 4000 kg of Wenzhou tangerines, under the conditions of Chongqing, the annual water consumption of 365 cubic meters, that is 1 cubic meters of water per day, winter average daily transpiration of 383 liters, summer average daily transpiration of 1691 liters.

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