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Huangyan tangerines honorary certificate

In 1993, Zhejiang high quality agricultural Products Exhibition, Huangyan bendizao tangerine won the "most popular fruit" title. In 1994, bendizao tangerine won the provincial competition first prize. In 1995, bendizao tangerine won the second China agricultural fair gold prize. In 1996, China Huangyan won the "Chinese tangerine town". In 1997 bendizao tangerines was also recognized as the third national agricultural Fair for the Chinese famous brand products. In 1999, Huangyan bendizao tangerines is recognized as a famous brand in the China International Agricultural Expo, Huangyan is classified as a high quality citrus production base of Agriculture.

In June 2000, "Huangyan tangerines" trademark registration, "Huangyan Mandarin" to gradually establish a brand. 2001, Huangyan Zhejiang Canned Food Group Co., Ltd. was named "China's canned industry ten strong enterprises". 2001, Huangyan bendizao, Wenzhou Miyakawa tangerine was identified as the provincial government of Zhejiang famous brand product. In 2002, Bendizao won the title of Zhejiang agricultural famous brand products again. In June 2003, Huangyan tangerines through the first batch of pollution-free agricultural products certification. In 2004, Huangyan tangerines protected national product of geographical origin, selected "Zhejiang Province, the ten famous brands of tangerines"

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Huangyan tangerines
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