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Huangyan tangerines is famous forboth local and foreign country.

Huangyan is a district of Zhejiang Taizhou, here is also known as the "Chinese tangerine town". Here is a very famous for tangerine, the characteristics of Huangyan tangerines is thin juicy, and very sweet, this is why we like to eat Huangyan tangerine, it's size generally only child's fist. In traditional Chinese medicine, orange is a lot of effect, can detoxifying purging lung and dissolving phlegm and so on. It's whole body is treasure, many of the elderly will be dried tangerines peel, and it can be used to make tea, bubble tea spread, pleasant aroma, also has a lot of advantages to the human body.

Huangyan is located in the middle of Zhejiang, the amount of precipitation and sunshine is very suitable for planting tangerines, this is why Huangyan orange today in such a famous one of the reasons. But only a good environment is not enough, but also need to be carefully cultivated and irrigation. Fertile soil is also one of the reasons to produce these delicious Huangyan tangerine. However, to grow delicious Huangyan orange, need not make these oh.,To grow delicious Huangyan tangerines, need to make more.

In February, farmers needed to plant the germination, the contents of the soil should be noted that the pH value of the best is about 7 to 6, that's the best way to grow an orange. Cultivation is also need to be very fine, too dense tangerine tree by the sun may not be enough, too sparse, then it will lead to output. So many of the conditions of the orange plant are carried out after the precise calculation. In the end of November, Huangyan tangerines is ripe and the time farmers busy picking them, consumers can purchase. Welcome all of you from all over the world.

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Huangyan tangerines
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