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What is the real Huangyan tangerine orange?

Taizhou does not lack the tangerines, pomelo fruits of this kind, the domestic famous is the Huangyan tangerine orange. Continue to appear on the market that other origin of the tangerine posing in Huangyan tangerines, this To consumers with a bad buy feeling. Huangyan tangerines are smaller than the average of many others, epidermis is very smooth, very thin, inside the flesh, occasionally there will be seeds, but very small, probably only like mung bean big. The outer layer of the pulp is also very thin, gently bite, juice will spray out. Tangerines so sweet just like rock candy, taste good.

The so-called Huangyan tangerine is referred to as Huangyan produced all the oranges. Local to buy the most, but also the local people are the favorite is "bendizao", it's the most famous in huangyan. Bendizao tangerine is the best varieties in Huangyan, Sweetness is the best, very suitable for people to eat. Huangyan tangerines most concentrated in the CaiJiaYang village and Chengjiang Strait, very popular at home and abroad. Including processing into tangerines can also be exported overseas.

There is a hint of fragrance in the mouth after eating tangerine, eat up the taste is sweet and refreshing moisturizing. Willn't be like others, tangerine film is very thick, a lot of seeds, not comfortable to eat. In recent years, Huangyan has also continued to introduce other varieties and local oranges for hybridization, to enrich the varieties of Citrus in Huangyan.

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