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What are the benefits of eating tangerines?

Tangerines contains a lot of sugar, eat 1 kg of tangerines can produce 1400 calories. When too many of the heat generated by eating tangerines can't be converted into fat storage in a timely manner, the human body activity demand can't burn calories, it will result in an oversupply of heat in the body, to cause the body function disorder and tongue dry, sore throat, constipation and other phenomena, it's also said by people "Eat more tangerines will flare up".

In addition, eating too much tangerines, to child's mouth, teeth, stomach mucous membrane is also harmful. If children eat too much tangerines, the resulting heat can't be converted into fat stored in the body, will be caused by the accumulation of internal heat", For stomatitis, pharyngitis, periodontitis and constipation. This is because orange is invigorating Qi of food, and the physique of children often is "Yin often inadequate, and Yang constant superabundant", orange to "Yang" more abundant, will appear the phenomenon of "fire". Therefore, children can not eat too much tangerines

Tangerines: warm sweet. Contains a variety of nutrients, particularly high content of vitamin C and D. With function of invigorating qi. Can regulate the body's metabolism.

According to the study, every day to eat 3 oranges, will be able to meet the needs of a person a day of vitamin C. If consumed too much, excessive intake of vitamin C, the body's metabolism of oxalic acid will increase, easy to cause urinary stones, kidney stones. In addition to eating more harmful to the mouth and teeth.

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